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Choose Carefully – How Paint Color in Your Child's Room Impacts Their Mood

painting your childs room

As a diligent North Shore homeowner, you want to be able to take good care of your house, which includes addressing the need for getting the rooms painted. As a parent, you want to ensure that the choices you make do not negatively affect your child, including the paint colors you select.

Even if your child is old enough to make their own color selection, you should still know a little bit about the psychology of colors so you can guide your child towards making a constructive decision. More than likely, your little one spends a fair amount of time in their room so you want the results of this to be positive.

Rainbow of Choices

Before letting your painting contractor slap that color on the wall, here is some of what you should know:

  • Pink – A common request for kids and even teens, usually girls. The good news is that pink is known to a calming hue. However, it is also a color best administered in smaller doses so accents are the best way to use pink.
  • Blue – Like pink, blue is widely-regarded for its ability to calm. In fact, lighter shades of blue are perfect for children with behavioral issues due to its ability to soothe. Reduce anxiety and anger by using this color.
  • Red – While a fun, exciting and even energizing color, red can also increase blood pressure and produce feelings of anger or rage. When planning for the space your child relaxes and sleeps, a bright and stimulating shade may not be the best fit.
  • Purple – Just the right shade of purple can spark passion, creativity and even sensitivity. However, it should be used sparingly. Darker shades can be too intense so use lighter tones and mainly just for accents.

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