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As the premier home repair company in the North Shore area, you will be glad to know we also offer the best in deck builder services. Don't let the name fool you, at Paint Pros we are as skilled at deck cleaning and building as the painting workmanship we provide for our customers.

It is an honor to get to be a deck builder for so many local homeowners; we get to create a space where you and your loved ones will create lifelong memories. Contact us today to get started on adding an outdoor living space to your property.

Ways to Enhance Your Decking

Whether you are still in the planning stages or already have a deck but want to improve it, here are a few ideas to consider:

Clean it up! You would be amazed at how much professional cleaning will restore and improve your existing deck. This is especially true if you are planning on also repairing and staining it. It will be like you have a whole new deck.When your deck builder asks about your railing, don't shrug it off. There are so many exciting options these days that can provide you with more than standard railings. They can be fitted for planters, seats, cup holders, bird baths and more. Make the best use of this necessary safety detail. Set yourself up for entertainment success by getting this area wired for sound. This is the type of detail you can include in the initial design or add to an existing deck. Either way, it will help ensure that you, your family and your guests can be entertained and spend more time outdoors.

When you think deck builder, think Paint Pros and call us right away to get started.

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If you are looking for a North Shore custom deck builder please call 978-620-5776, or complete our online consultation form.